Home Building Contractors – Ten Reasons Why Builders Must Add Client Coaching to Their Tool Bags

Let’s face it. The world is changing. Home building has changed. It’s not just about the current economy and it’s not just about green building. People are more aware, involved, and demanding of their professionals.

Whether you’re a custom home builder, remodeler, or subcontractor, you can jump on board and embrace these changes by offering your experience and expertise in the home building profession by being a “coach” to any consumer with a home building or remodeling project.

Here’s why I believe now is the time to make this change:

1) It’s in Demand: The trend is clear. Stats indicate that well over 60% of people are playing a roll in their building and remodeling projects. Are you going  รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี to ignore this trend or find a way to help them and earn money doing it?

2) More Intuitive: Contractors gain a more intuitive control over processes and clients. By offering coaching services with a well-structured process management system, you enjoy a more automated and easy way to administer projects.

3) Better Clients: Home building and remodeling clients gain a greater understanding of process. When clients are more involved and have the benefit of a home building professional coaching them they become better clients and much easier to work with.

4) The “Go-to” Contractor: PR, marketing, and unique exposure spreads more quickly and inexpensively for contractors who also offer coaching services. Set yourself apart from the herd and become unique in your market place.

5) Clients Save Money: Builder’s clients save money while still getting high quality. Since your clients act as their own builders your liability and charges are reduced. The client saves while still getting your professional help.

6) Better Relationships: The contractor – coach builds a great relationship with better communication. This solves one of the biggest issues that makes using contractors so scary for the consumer and makes your life so much better.

7) Clients Get More: Home-owner builders and remodelers end up being able to afford more of the goodies they want. A “well-fed” client makes for happier client.

8) Less Liability: The builder – coach has far less liability and fewer lawsuits than as a General Contractor. One of the biggest concerns for you as a custom builder is minimized by changing to a professional home-building coach. The bulk of the liability passes from the home owners to their subcontractors.

9) More Fun: The home building client is able to find more enjoyment. As a coach, the contractor is less threatening, more communicative, and more friendly. This often results in a much better experience for both you and your clients.

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